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What Really Happened to Thrive - from the Musty Complaint Forum Archives

What Really Happened to Thrive - from the Archives

On Sept 9, 2009 - this was posted on

Today on the Utah Better Business website if you search Thrive you find:

On July 2, 2009 the Utah Division of Consumer Protection ("Division") issued an Administrative Citation against Thrive Learning LLC, Infusion Media Inc, Concepts Executions LLC, Six Figure Consulting Corp, Vanuity LLC dba Platinum Training Solutions, The Summit Group of Utah LLC dba Momentum Marketing, Internet Auction Solutions Inc and Accelerated Business Solutions Inc ("Respondents"). The citation states that starting during or before July 2008 Thrive Learning LLC ("Thrive"), along with the other Respondents listed, has been offering a Business Opportunity to consumers. Consumers were solicited and sold materials, education and coaching services for the purposes of enabling the consumers to start their own internet business. The purchase price of the transaction for these consumers exceeded $300 in each case. Consumers were sold online materials and coaching services enabling a consumer to learn about how to sell products over the internet or on eBay. Consumers were provided with access to software that would enable a consumer to build their own customized website to market products and services. Consumers were also provided with ideas and resources on how and where to obtain products to sell, including access to lists of drop shipping companies. Thrive has formally or informally allowed many name and unnamed Respondent marketing companies to sell these products and services with Thrive being responsible for fulfilling the represented products and services to each consumer. Respondent marketing companies were responsible in most cases for all representations made to their respective consumers and were also responsible for collecting payment from each consumer. At all times relevant to these transactions, Respondents were not registered with the Division to offer Business Opportunity sales. These alleged actions are charged as eight (8) counts of violation with a potential maximum fine of $20,000 ($2,500 per count). Respondents also allegedly failed to provide the appropriate disclosure statements prior to transactions. These alleged actions are charged as sixteen (16) counts of violation with a potential maximum fine of $20,000 ($2,500 per count). The Division reserved the right to amend the citation to include unknown consumers who file complaints with their office in the future.

The BBB website that I obtained the statment was n-orem-ut-22219354

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I've been looking for this data for years, as I'd read it then, but it was pulled pretty quickly afterwards.

I'd also seen where this was escalated and seemed to be upwards of a million in fines - but that's gone now, as well. If you're ever in Utah, you'd probably be able to extract it as a public record from the Department of Consumer Protection.

Note that 2009 date - this is when Thrive actually started shutting down it's social media campaigns as well. The last posts on most of them are in October.


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