Saturday, April 17, 2010


People are receiving refunds! So if you are feeling discouraged - STOP. Just regroup and keep working toward your goal. Remember - Thrive and their sales people know they are in the wrong. You just need to keep letting the Utah Consumer Protection department know about it. They will do their best for you.

Sign the petition if you haven't done so!

If you are wondering about blogs and statements on the forums that have been taken down - know it was part of the deal to get their money back.

Thrive is still trying to stop all the bad publicity. Problem is for Thrive - when one goes down - another picks up the torch.

There are a lot of people out there still feeling the sting from Thrives sales bee's.

Encourage others! United we can stand together and will be strong. :)


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  4. Where do I start?!!! they are into me for about 13,000.00 right now!! Of course my mentoring one on one has gone to hell in a hand basket,they are rebuilding my site for the past 2 weeks,after they showed and told me what and how to do it!!! GRRRRR

  5. oh and I did get 1 sale, and for this I pay the merchant acct. people 30 bucks a month, the builder support(ha!!)40 a month to help me and then there are the coaches and live chat that you can be logged into for 30 minutes and no one acknowledges you.!!

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  7. come on, all of us that have been scammed by Thrive/Focus Learning Center, get on your blogs!!!See this list over to the left...set down every morning,you can do it..your sites are not making any money, you do have the time!! Go thru the list follow the steps.If we don't let them know we are out here, they won't know.I know it is overwhelming,but let's turn our anger back where it will do some good.this list on the left in red letters, do at least one every day!!Let them know there are hundreds of usout here, JUST DO IT!!!

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  9. I'm just beginning the complaint process with the intent of getting a refund. I talked to Zach Bradshaw today and he told me it's not possible. So here I am. I will follow all the steps you've listed though he said I'd be wasting my time. Thank you so much for this blog.
    Wondering if there are any updates?

  10. I've been trying to get out of "Success Academy" ever since the 2nd week into it. That was back in April....I've talked to just about everyone in "Quality Assurance", the account managers, I can't keep track if they are with PMI, NMR, or Anthony Morrison....oh, yeah and eBiz. They have been working on my 10 landing pages which were part of the $10000 to get me an accelerated start to "making money". I could write a book about the bad experience this whole thing has been. They made numerous promises verbally, and all of a sudden that person is no longer available, doesn't return phone calls and there are no notes made. I would like to know how to get my money back. They really know how to pressure sell you....and justifying everything as it costs money to start a business.....I have yet to get any "training" on anything.....I've been thru at least 4 different coaches! Can you tell I'm a little bitter about this? I've been burned and it's costing me over $200/mo. Jason Montgomery told me I would make enough by how to have paid off the $10k....haven't made one penny.

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