Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thrive is STILL Scamming!!

I am sorry I have been out of the loop for awhile. It saddens me greatly to see there are STILL people being cheated by Thrive. It goes to show just how ruthless Thrive is!!

Many blogs have been taken down because of the agreements with Thrive in order for them to receive their refund. I hope all of you are blogging about your sad experience with Thrive.

It is important to follow the steps to receive a refund. Your best bet may be with the Utah Department of Consumer Protection. Call or email to check on the status of your claim. It does take awhile. It took us about 6 months. Some take longer.

We were also told, "NO WAY" when we requested a refund. Do you really think they are just going to hand you back your money? Unfortunately, you must fight for it. It seems like nothing is happening for a long time and then out of nowhere you will receive a call.

Keep encouraging each other. United we stand. Remember Thrive has many names to go with their many faces. None of them are good nor are they there to help you.

Let me know about your blogs. Sign the petition if you haven't already. Good luck to all!!