Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Just Say NO To Thrive!

We never thought we would be scammed but we were. Charlie Frazer from Internet Income Solutions /Internet Logistics, LLC sold us the Thrive Learning Institute package! He assured us, promised us, we would be making so much money we could pay down our mortgage! By time Thrive got done with us, we could barely pay the credit card company!

Would $5 -10,000.00 a month change our life? Sure would! Part of their scam plan is to send in the first wave to "qualify" you during the interview as Charlie did by having his wife Chelsea interview us. The purpose of this interview was to find out how much money we had available. This is to make sure it is worth their while to scam vulnerable people out of as many thousands as they can get away with. If you read the many forums, you will notice no two people are charge the same amount.

Our team of "professional" coaches couldn't seem to agree. One coach instructed me to design my website one way, another coach had me reconstruct it. Even their written benchmarks are different than the videos and what the coaches suggest you do next.

I asked the coaches a question about their websites. "If they were making so much money - why were they working for Thrive?" I never got an answer.

Thrive does not find a dropshipper for you. You are just led to believe that they will. You will call many, many, many dropshippers until you find one.

Thrive's "trade secrets" are found on the internet for free so don't buy into that line.

IIS along with Thrive worked with us to defraud us with goods and services they knew to be inadequate. If Thrive truly provided a quality product, they would not hesitate to guarantee their service.

We were not given written disclaimers as the state of Utah "Business Opportunity Disclosure Laws" require. Written substantiation of the earnings disclaimer for our business was not provided.

So do not consider doing business with any company especially Thrive if they will not guarantee their own product!

Early on we realized that we had been deceived, but we still tried to make the program work. And work we did. Much more than the 2 hours a day Charlie said we only had to work. Each step, each month brought more expense and no income. Our business website produced zero income.

Another company to avoid is Imax Bancard merchant account. Thrive helped me set up this account before my website was even created! When I asked Imax about the charges, they blamed Thrive. When I asked Thrive about the charges, they blamed Imax. Thrive said Imax was impersonating Thrive. I believe Imax is working with Thrive so beware.

Play it safe - Hang up the phone when anyone tries to sell you Thrive Learning Institute! There are many, many companies working with Thrive to deceive you.

I will be posting more information on how to obtain a refund, where to file consumer complaints, and any other useful information I can find. Thanks for reading and spread the word - "Just Say NO To Thrive!!


  1. Ben I too have been scammed by them. Living in Canada I am not sure how I can go about trying to get a refund. I had hoped for a step by step program to help me to understand internet marketing better but instead I got inexperienced, unhelpful trainers and sketchy out of date material.

  2. My question is WE too have been scammed by these people only under the Focus Learning Center name, what about the contract? Will they come back on you as a civil suit as breech of contract or will they let it go for fear of exposure. I'm refering to the monthly charge for "hosting fees".

  3. I too was scammed by Thrive Learning Institute. I was signed up by a company called Auction Success Group. This has cost me several thousand dollars only to have a website that isn't making any money. Now I keep getting phone calls from people who want more money to market my website. When does it stop?? I wished I would have never answered the phone that day. I just want my money back.