Saturday, October 11, 2014

Uncovering the Skeletons of the Thrive Learning LLC Scam

Thrive Learning LLC Died With Scam Skeletons in its Closets.

Thrive Learning LLC died with scam skeletons in it's closets.
(photo: Jan)

By far the largest complaint (second only to the ripoffs) is how Thrive Learning made so many blogs and complaints just disappear from the Web.

Reportedly, it's been when the individuals got their refund paid and the check cleared.

Digging around (and nothing ever really leaves the Internet) I found  these collections of an old site called (its back up now, but without the original data.)

I found a copy of "Scammer Jammer" and "Utah: Internet Scam Capitol of the World".

There's also a cover:

Scammer Jammer book - exposing Thrive Learning LLC: died with Scam Skeletons in it's closets.b

Here's the links:

What you'll find there is one person using the tools he knew - online researching - to dig up how and why he got scammed, as well as how to get his money back. (Of course, he had some help from all of you out there, particularly the mysterious "JoeBlow2000".)

One of these is the missing blog posts - his whole timeline up to the point of his refund. Sometime after that, the blog disappeared for awhile - then showed up without the posts. This is very possibly the most complete recovery of that data available. (The Wayback Machine has a few scintillating scrapes.)

You'll also be able to see why Thrive Learning wanted this book banned - and all copies destroyed. It tells exactly why those certain refund steps are very effective. I understand that everyone this author helped directly got their refund - 100%. (Of course, Thrive sued his a** to get him to stop...) There's a possibility I can contact the author to get the paperback available in print again, if you want a copy...

So now you can read the history of this Thrive Learning mess - how it started, how the people in charge were paying the then Utah AG Shurtleff to look the other way, how a few dedicated people took the necessary steps to get the government to actually do what they were supposed to be doing - in spite of personal danger from Thrive's in-house lawyers.

There is a chance that what is covered in these books can be used to straighten out other Internet scams ongoing. I see that this pattern is still continuing with other companies. Maybe we have more work to do?

Do what you want with these. Or buy the guy's books.

It's all over to you. Thrive Learning is history - or at least that chapter of it...

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